Until the end of the world!!!! bwahaha
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Welcome to The Future of Music.

This is dedicated to the foward thinkers; to the trend setters. This is dedicated to the black sheep; the ones who aren't afraid to stand out; the ones who embrace being different. This is for the innovaters, the inventers, the entrepreneurs. Dubhop, Glitch Hop, EDM, House, Future Trap, Electro R&B, Electro Funk. You name it, we do it.

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Rap Contests

Rap your best 8 bars over our latest contest beat.

The champion receives custom production (custom beat + mixing + mastering) and a Rap Champion hat (only given to contest winners). Top placements also earn "Oxy Points" which can be exchanged to beat licenses and other prizes!

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Rap Contest Schedule

Here are the dates for our Rap Contests, from 2015 and beyond (until otherwise posted). Rap Contests are held via SOUNDCLOUD

Rhyme Games

Rhyme words together and win custom music production.

Compete to win custom, exclusive music production (custom beat + mixing + mastering). You also earn "Oxy Points" for participation which you can use to purchase beat licenses and other prizes.

Join the games and find out more via OUR FACEBOOK

Rhyme Games Schedule

Here is the schedule for our Rhyme Games from 2015 and beyond (until otherwise noted). Rhyme Games are held via FACEBOOK